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Rob and Dick--

We drove nearly 1300 miles to this year’s family Thanksgiving celebration. As you’d expect, in that 20+ hours, we talked about a lot things-----family, children, grand-children, friends, 2014 happy (and not so happy) events, 2015 plans, and a bunch of miscellaneous other things. And, of course, the beautiful new home we are building in Sarasota was discussed many times during those 2 driving days.

As we went thru these many topics we couldn’t help feeling a growing awareness of our many blessings ---and at one point we recapped our thoughts into an informal list of “2014 Things we’re thankful for “.

If for some reason you were to try, you’d easily guess many of the entries---Because you’d have similar entries on such a list of your own. And if you read our list, while some of it would be things you wouldn’t recognize, nothing would surprise you –--EXCEPT MAYBE 2 ITEMS---“BIG R” and “ DOUBLE D” (Our code/nicknames for you two)

When we were talking about the new home rising on Datura ,we really were all over the spectrum---things to be done, choices made, being happy/excited, trying to save some $$$, getting done on time---and on and on---- But no matter the topic--one thing was constant--actually two things—your names !

We didn’t make a list but did discuss most of countless things you’ve done to help us. Here are a few of the many, many examples:

Pre Rob—we had only a limited grasp of the all important “WOW factor. And Pre Dick, we didn’t know if you tried the “nth” time, the floor plan would actually work !  We met vendors we wouldn’t have likely found, and explored ideas we wouldn’t have thought of. You both helped us think objectively thru questionable choices.  Often, with humor: direct and indirect   Rob: “You want to do what?! or Bad Idea! Dick: I think you might want to reconsider that. or   Hmmm—interesting thought.

We are positive you have put more time, energy and creativity into our home than any previous Allegra Home you’ve collaborated on, and you still are bearing down! Plus, we know your trying to save us $$$ and get us in by 75/65 party time.

So it really should come as no surprise that our “2014 Thankful for list..”has 2 new and special names --- ROB ALLEGRA and DICK DRENDEL!!!    You really mean a lot to us-------thank you for being a blessing in our lives !

Sent with Special fondness –---Thanksgiving 2014 
Rose Marie and Bill

Dear Rob,

We wanted to reiterate how pleased we are with the renovation you completed for us on our Sarasota home.

As you know, our distant summer residence kept us from providing much on-site support so the quality of the results is completely due to your capabilities.  We also appreciate the diligence and helpfulness of Dick Drendell during the entire process.

Your post project support has also been commendable and, frankly, we have never had a project come in so painlessly, and so well.

Thank you for a job well done.

Rory & Nancy
Sarasota, FL


I am delighted. This project turned out BETTER than I expected. When one enters into a contract with a company, especially a contractor, the completed project is usually completed over budget, beyond time expectations and with less than expected results. This Allegra addition project exceeded our expectations. We never doubted what the end product would be considering our visiting 2 of your past homes.

The Allegra price for the addition was in line with another contractor and even higher than other contractors. We chose to go with Allegra due to the reputation and quality we observed at you past two homes. I am and always will be glad we did. Everything you said you would do you did, on time and in a very professional fashion. Why would anyone choose anyone else?

Dick is an asset to you too. He is an excellent designer and is very dedicated. Dick chases your subs and monitors their work to get things done and done right.

I do not need a walk through. I do want to get you paid. You are welcome to come take photos anytime.

Thanks for everything. We are already planning our next Allegra addition.


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