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The Scoop on Building Your Bathroom

For clients with a limited budget, we recommend focusing on the master bathroom, kitchen and outdoor space.

In today’s new homes, master bathrooms have become like mini spas. They offer a wonderful opportunity to add a little luxury to your everyday life. Here are some of the master bathroom design trends we’ve encountered recently.

Showers Are Growing

Our clients are definitely opting for bigger showers these days, and they almost exclusively want walk-ins. Roman showers, or showers without a door or shower curtain, are growing in popularity. They’re much easier to do when you’ve got a large bathroom to work with. Thanks to expanding showers, we’ve also seen an uptick in in-shower seating, usually in the form of a built-in bench.

Rainfall showerheads are also entering a lot of homes. Before you pick a showerhead, however, consider your lifestyle. If you like to shower without rinsing your hair, a rainfall showerhead may not be the way to go.

In Sarasota, we’re lucky to be able to spend much of the year outdoors. As a result, a number of our clients are adding private, outdoor showers to their new custom homes. They’re a lovely luxury that doesn’t break the bank.

Disappearing Bathtubs

These days, tubs seem to be trending out of master bathrooms. In terms of design, we went from Jacuzzi-style tubs, to freestanding tubs, to a real focus on the shower.

Among clients who do still want a tub in the master bathroom, we’ve seen some interest in infinity tubs. Tubs can be as much of a design statement as they are a functional bathroom feature. If you’re all in on having a tub, why not go all out and opt for a freestanding tub made of a unique material or even add a chandelier about it.

The Need for Natural Light

Natural light is as important in the bathroom as it is anywhere in the home. Not only does it help turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis, but it also makes it much easier to apply makeup!

Skylights are a great way to enhance the natural light in your new bathroom. Also, don’t shy away from having a window in your shower. Large horizontal windows placed high on the wall can help flood your bathroom with natural light, without compromising your privacy.

Countertops and Cabinets

When it comes to countertops and cabinets, we usually encourage clients to go with light-colored options, because they can make your bathroom feel much larger.

Marble is the hottest trend in terms of bathroom counters and floors, but you can also get creative. The backsplash is a great place to incorporate a unique finish, but it can also be done on the shower walls or floor.

Lastly, don’t let your hardware become an afterthought. Though your faucet and cabinet handles might seem like minor decisions, they can have a major impact on the finished look of your bathrooms.

Don't Forget the Half Bath

When building your custom home, your focus will likely be on your master bathroom. After all, that's the one you'll use everyday. It's important, however, to consider what other bathroom needs you might have.

For example, if you entertain frequently, you may want to add a half bath or powder room off the great room. We recently built a new home for ourselves, which includes a home office with a private entrance where I see some of my clients. For that reason, I added a half bath nearby.

Half baths or powder rooms can add so much functionality to your home, without the price tag of building another full bath.

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