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Kitchen Design Trends

These days, families spend so much time in the kitchen that it's become one of the most important features of any new home.

For many of our custom home clients, the kitchen is their top priority. With such a focus on crafting beautiful custom kitchens, it’s important that we stay on top of design trends without sacrificing quality. Here is some of what we’ve learned along the way.

The Importance of the Island

It’s no secret that open floor plans are a must in most new homes. As a result, formal dining rooms have almost disappeared. Instead, we’ve seen more clients opt for flex dining room/breakfast nooks. It also seems that modern families gather in the kitchen, where the island has evolved into one of the most important features of the home.

The kitchen island offers not only great functionality, but it can also be an impactful design feature. For example, it’s a great place to add an accent color.

When Choosing Countertops

When it comes to making design decisions for the kitchen, it’s important to focus on the long term durability of the appliances and hardware you choose.

This is especially true of your countertops. Man-made quartz is one of the products we recommend to clients because it has the beautiful look of natural stone, but it’s less porous. This makes it stronger and more sanitary than natural quartzite. Of course, you can’t go wrong with natural granite, which is still the most popular choice among our clients.

A few years ago, we were seeing some interest in poured concrete, which fits best in homes with more of a modern feel. These days, we do the occasional poured concrete bar but it definitely doesn’t belong in every home.

Staying on the Topic of Durability

Durability is important not only when selecting countertops, but also when picking out your appliances and flooring. In fact, one of the biggest pitfalls we’ve seen people make is choosing their appliances on price and aesthetics alone.

Your custom home builder should really help guide you through the appliance selection process. They’re familiar with the products and they’ve heard tons of feedback from past clients.

This is also true when it comes to picking out your flooring. Lots of people are dead set on having wood floors, however, we encourage homeowners to consider their lifestyle before making a selection. If you have dogs, for example, you might want to go with wood porcelain.

Selecting Your Cabinets

There are a lot of great cabinets on the market these days. We see most of our customers go with white, but we’re starting to see more people experiment with silver or putty. Either way, light colored cabinets are an excellent way to draw the eye up and make a kitchen feel open.

For some people, cabinet hardware is an afterthought, but we view it more like the tie to your suit or the shoes to your dress. It’s an important accessory that can totally make or break an outfit. We work with our clients to select hardware early in the design process because it can have such an impact on the finished product.

Lighting Your Kitchen

We aim to make the most of natural lighting in every home we work on. One way to do this is by opting for light colored walls and cabinets, which can help make a space feel more airy. It’s also nice to add an unexpected window if you can. Recently, for example, we did a home with a clerestory window between the kitchen cabinets and countertop.

We know, however, that natural needs to be supplemented. In term of task lighting for your kitchen, one popular option is LED tape which is versatile and affordable. Pendant lights are also growing in popularity. They look great over an island or dining room table. Before choosing your pendant lights, however, be sure to consult with your builder because different pendant lights can create different effects.

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