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Meet Rob:

Rob has a long history of building homes in the Sarasota area, but his outlook on his work changed in July 2009. Just a year after launching Allegra Homes, Rob and his then-fiancée, Kristi, were busy planning their October wedding when they got a phone call that would change everything. Rob’s father, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007, needed a place to live after the passing of his wife and caretaker.

After long talks and a few tears, Rob and Kristi decided to move up their wedding date – leaving just three weeks to plan – so that Rob’s father could move in to their home. In those crazy weeks leading up to the wedding, Rob worked nonstop so that there would be enough bedrooms for the whole clan. Kristi, her son Alex, and Rob’s father all moved in on the same day.

Now Rob and Kristi have a very busy, blended family, and though they lost Rob’s dad in January 2011, they were grateful for the time they spend with him. Not only has the whole experience, not to mention every day since, further taught Rob about the value of family, but it also showed him the importance of the work he does. A home is about so much more than walls and concrete, but rather about the family that lives and loves inside.

Meet Dick:

Dick is the Operations Manager for Allegra Homes. He's worked with Rob since 2003, and he helped Rob start the company in 2009. There are many aspects of his job that Dick enjoys including developing floor plans, meeting new clients and working with sub-contractors. Most of all, Dick says he enjoys working for a company that truly cares about building great homes for its clients.

Dick's extensive experience in construction and as a quality control supervisor is a major asset to Allegra Homes. Outside of work, Dick enjoys spending time with his family and friends, attending church and sponsoring his church's men's group.

"I feel like Allegra Homes is my second home, and I'm proud to be a part of it," he said.

Meet Robert:

Robert joined Allegra Homes as a Project Manager in 2014. He grew up in the building industry, working for his dad who was a homebuilder in Sarasota. He enjoys working at Allegra Homes because the family-aspect of the business reminds him of working alongside his own family.

Robert's favorite part of his job is having the opportunity to build beautiful homes for nice families, and he enjoys driving around Sarasota and seeing all the things he's helped build over the years. Outisde of work, Robert likes to spend time with his wife and he enjoys watching his grandkids as they grow up.

"I enjoy working with Allegra Homes as we all work together to create something really special, 'homes for families,'" he said.

Meet Joe:

Rob's son Joe has been working for the family business in one way or another since he was 15. Six years later, he's now a Superintendent. Joe started out cleaning job sites, installing silt fences and doing other jobs for his dad. "I learned that hard work is good for you and keeps the rest of your life in perspective," he said. "As my Dad says: 'Nobody is too good for hard work.'"

Joe's favorite part of his job is seeing all the different aspects of buildng come together to create beautiful homes. He also likes learning new things about the industry, and appreciates that he has the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals like Dick, Robert and his dad.

When he's not working, Joe likes to spend time with his wife and their two dogs, his family and his friends. A true Sarasota-native, Joe enjoys boating and going to the beach.

Meet Michael:

Rob's son Micheal joined the family business in November of 2018, specializing in permitting and purchasing. His favorite part about his job is that there's always something to learn. He's especially interested in the architectural aspects of the work.

Michael likes working with his brother and his dad. "It's good to see them every day," he said. Eventually, Micheal hopes to run the company alongside his brother Joe.

Born in Sarasota, Michael is a graduate of Riverview High School. Growing up, he played baseball. He takes after his dad as a New York Yankees fan. He's the proud father of a Beagle mix named Pepper.

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